A Secret Place is a sculpture project produced by NCBI service users and staff in collaboration with artist Siobhán Clancy and facilitated by Linda Hederman.  This project was launched as part of Phizzfest 2011.  Public may access sculptures at the receptions of NCBI Head Office, Phibsboro Library and Mater Misericoridiae University Hospital.  Members only access to sculptures in The Basin Club and NCBI Iona Centre.
A Secret Place was supported by Dublin City Council’s Arts Act Grant.



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Description of the Project Process

Building on the previous year’s contribution to Phizzfest, A Secret Place was developed to facilitate sustained creative interaction by service users of NCBI in public spaces marked by this local cultural event.

Following a discussion with a group of service users on the amenities in the local area, it emerged that very few actually lived in Phibsborough and therefore had little real knowledge of the area or felt they had an opportunity to engage.  In the following weeks, we pursued a trail of investigation that led us to partake in a history tour of Phibsborough at the beautiful Blessington Basin or ‘Secret Park’ as it is locally known.   These encounters stirred up an intrigue within the group regarding the personal or private experience that exists in parallel to public life.  The recent refurbishment of the Basin in the 1990′s represented the simple personal desire’s of individuals (in this case the local residents) which, when consolidated, can effectively fulfill ambitions for the public good.  A debate on the cessation of sanitary facilities at the Basin